Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

HJC are a niche continental Europe based (Netherlands) boutique search firm with headquarters in Frankfurt focused on sourcing key talent for (mainly) enterprise software companies either entering or expanding in the EMEA territory.

Clients use us as we have a local presence with language skills, deep networks & a commitment to meet Candidates in person in order to fully articulate the opportunity & act as an ambassador for the client.

As such we have a legitimate business interest to gather, use and store candidate data. We respect the information we hold and we take the security of that information seriously. This is an outline of what we do with the data we use and hold.

Candidate information and subsequent information we collect, is used to create a database. We or our clients then use this information to assess a candidates suitability, qualifications and skills for our current recruitment assignments. Occasionally we will also use candidate information for recruitment assignments which we think may be of interest in the future. In this case we will always gain a candidates permission before discussing personal details with our clients.

We will record and store details of telephone calls with us and the subsequent information gathered in those calls.

We may also be required to take up checks such as references.

Unless specifically requested otherwise we will use contact information such as email address, telephone number and address to contact Candidates.

Should any Candidate no longer want us to store their information, we will of course delete this in a timely fashion.